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Our Boats

“We were inside a heated cabin while the boat traveled, and could walk outside once the engine was cut to observe the whales. If you are going to Juneau, this is a must-do.” – Passenger from Sacramento, CA

Eye-to-Eye with Whales

We provide the ideal boats for whale watching because they are comfortable and you can get closer to the whales. This way you can better enjoy them without the obstruction of a great crowd or distance. Instead of being farther removed, as in other boats, you are right at the whale’s level from the deck and bow. When the whales breach, they breach above you: an awesome sight to behold! While on the water, our experienced naturalist will guide you through the tour and answer any questions you may have about the flora and fauna of Alaska.


The Soundtrack to Your Whale Watching Adventure

Our boats are equipped with hydrophones that we lower into the water. These devices allow you to hear the whales communicate with each other. Scientists have studied these intricate songs and determined that different pods have certain dialects and complex communicative nuances to their songs. To hear these bewitching symphonies as a part of your whale watching adventure is a rare treat.

Whale- and Passenger-Friendly Boats

Our five boats seat 18, 30, or 36 people, ideal numbers for whale watching enjoyment in a group. With outside decks, you’ll have plenty of room to take pictures of our favorite mammals (including your people!). Inside the boat, you’ll find a marine head (“restroom” to landlubbers) and a 300-degree view of the water through large windows that open wide for those sunny days. All seats face forward instead of inward so that your view will be of the water and sea life instead of the other passengers. After all, you’re here to watch whales; and often, the whales themselves appear to be here to watch you, because they trust our boats.

Orca Odysea

A Mutual Respect

It is important to us that we protect the whales as much as we enjoy them. That’s why we have boats that pose no threat to them. Each boat is designed with water jet drives to ensure quiet underwater operation without dangerous propellers that may frighten or harm the animals. Many outboard tour boats can scar whales and scare them off. Since the whales feel safe around our boats, you receive the benefit of being able to witness their endearing social nature up close. In fact, they may appear to be just as interested in you as you are in them. So don’t be surprised if they sing you a song and then leap out of the water to greet you!